Christopher Alexander’s 15 principles

Theory Assignment, Semester 3, Batch 2016, WCFA  :  To reinterpret and redraw fifteen fundamental principles formulated by Christopher Alexander. Drawing by student : Vismaya N

Alexander formulates these principle in the book “The Nature of Order, Book One : The Phenomenon of Life”  This has guided me immensely in my teaching process, especially for design studios. The drawing below is interpretive drawing from the architecture office TWKA, which they have used as guiding principles for their practice. They also have summarized and written here. I feel Alexander’s texts are grossly under-read.


In the class we discussed these diagrams and the students were asked to redraw the diagram. Vismaya’s drawing below inventively reinterprets these ideas. My favorite one  is ‘inner calm’ which is left undrawn and for ‘void’ literaly a hole is made in the sheet.

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