Thesis : Slowing Down – Exploring Food Through Space

This post is an overview of a thesis I recently guided at WCFA.

Nithyashree (WCFA, Batch 2017) comprehensively translated the initial research into design principles and spatial ideas. From the beginning, she sharply curated her intuitive sense of reading architectural space and environments into a focussed research on slowness and food. Her elegant and delicate drawing capabilities helped her carry the intricacies of slowness from an intellectual framework into an intuitive design process. I was also fascinated by her reading of an ordinary and simple space like Revamma’s mess and also imagine richer spatial possibilities in it. It was engaging to see Nithya pay attention to subtle environments and architectural possibilties hidden in the chaos of urbanity of Bangalore.

Nithya’s Note:

This project begins with an understanding that a thesis is a culmination of learnings from 4 years in architecture school. The thesis attempts to respond to a few un-answered questions regarding standard design formats accumulating over the years, and at the same time acknowledging ideas which are beyond the scope of the topic (in the hope that they can become other projects one day) because of its intuitive nature. 

In search of places which offer comfort from the anxiety of moving away from home and living in a new city to pursue my studies, I found unusual spots, unpopular restaurants and new comfort food which slowed me down. The simplicity and spirit of these places and spaces is the core of this project and is manifested on paper through drawing and writing – two other acts of slowness.

Below are some key questions and drawings from thesis.
The access to the complete report is here.

Reimagination of Revamma’s mess – a rich environment to explore the different subtleties of cooking and eating.
This drawing encapsulates Nithya’s delicate explorations of the theme of slowness and food – and its intertwining.
This process drawing – tracing in particular – simultaneously explores and reveals the intent of the project. A slow brewing of both the thought and the space. The drawing becomes a container to hold both space and time.

Here are few selected key moments from the thesis :
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