Drawing 06

Some ideas behind this drawing : 

  • The studio i am presently teaching is about public buildings, where section is being used as a tool to generate publicness. This drawing is an attempt on that line of thought. 
  • I was thinking how in the offset printing days, when it was very expensive to use colours, the drawings had to be black and white. Even the thesis reports around 2 decades ago had the same limitation. So one had to be sharp with the parameters available – linetype, lineweight, hatches (as a replacement to colour). These limitations made the drawings focussed. Today a good laserjet colour A3 print costs around 20 bucks , which is super reasonable compared to the early days of colour printing. But still it requires the same effort and care to make a good drawing.
  • It is an isometric drawing – looks more objective (or alteast architects would like it to sound that way). This helps to add or edit lines when you have exported from a 3D software to a 2D vector based software (Autocad or Illustrator). If it was a perspective, it gets more cumbersome to edit, as lines are not parallel and vanishing. An isometric can be also scaled easily and repositioned, which is not possible in perspective composition. 
  • There is an echo of Shodan House here. Solid base – porous terrace framed by a flat roof. This is extending the idea to a larger scale.