Space within a space : Weavers House, Melkote

01-copy.jpgSpace with a space : A theme I am currently exploring where one can perceive two spaces simultaneously. Even though the smaller space is embedded inside the larger one, both have distinct  sense of enclosure independent of each other. The original trigger was the reading of the Orinda House designed by Charles Moore, in which the two rooms (the bathroom and living) are embedded  as pavilions with in the larger perimeter of the house. The thematic idea is to explore of the condition of ‘simultaneity’ in crafting of space

The below images are from a weavers house in Melkote. Melkote was a thriving place for weaving. Now because of the impact of the power-looms. this craft is only pursued by 30-40 families here. The weaving equipment sits above a pit carved out of the ground. This incision in the ground made by the the instrument forms an intimate working space within the larger living space. He simultaneously perceives his workspace and the living room. The house has two zones : this living room with the workspace and a small kitchen and a washroom behind. So this place of occupation becomes the core premise of the house.